Nowadays, there is more and more talk of keeping fit; people who spend hours behind a desk and a computer screen really feel the negative side effects that this lifestyle brings. Sports seem to be a popular option that people choose nowadays to both keep fit and have fun with their friends. But what about those people who like to combine business and pleasure, and decide to do sports for a living? Football is a very popular option nowadays, and here are the steps that you should take if you want to become a professional football player.

Who are professional footballers?

First of all, it should be noted that, when most people think of professional footballers, they usually think of the big ones – Cristiano, Messi, and the bunch. However, even though they are professional football players, they are exceptional examples, and should not be compared with. The truth is that a far greater number of professional football players are out there, playing in smaller clubs, with earnings that are more than sufficient. The fact that they are not in the spotlight as often, or ever, just makes it more difficult for people to get to know about them. Thus, trying to compare yourself to the greatest may be good motivation once in a while, but overdoing it might have the opposite effect, and this is something that you should keep in mind.

Learn the game

Of course, there is much more to football than wearing a bright-colored shirt and kicking a ball around. There are countless rules, regulations, techniques, and tactics, and if you plan on being a professional player, you should try to learn as much as you can about them. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to master or learn everything by heart, but it is recommendable that you learn as much as you can.

Dedicate yourself

Becoming a pro is no easy job, and if you expect someone to pay you for playing, you should have something to show for it. Frequent training should be a must – nothing under 5 sessions per week. You should also try not to overdo it, as injuries will only set you back. If you lack basic skills, you could always enroll in a training camp, and learn as much as you can with the help of professional coaches and other football players alongside you.

Join a team

The most important step, and one that you cannot avoid, is joining a team. You cannot hope to score a good team on your first try, so look for a small local club and ask to join them. Once you are accepted, attend practice and matches regularly, and make sure you put in your best effort, as this is the key for your movement from club to club. Some of the matches in lower leagues are attended by scouts who seek out talent for higher-ranking clubs. If you put in enough effort, concentrate on your playing, and give it your best shot, you are bound to be noticed and move to a better club, where you will have more opportunities to advance and hone your skills.