The FIFA World Cup is one of the most, if not the most popular sports competition in the world. It’s something football fans eagerly anticipate and it has massive coverage. In other words, the FIFA World Cup is always going to be an exciting event for sports fans. In the following, we will talk about the upcoming competition that will happen in the year 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 2022.      


One of the reasons why this event is going to be especially important is the location. For the first time ever, the FIFA World Tournament will be played in the Arab world. More precisely, the tournament will be held in Qatar and it will last from November 21st to December 18th. This is also the second-ever world cup to be held in Asia, as the previous one happened 20 years ago in Japan and South Korea.

Due to immense heat in Qatar, the tournament was moved to November, in case you were wondering why it will take place during the end of the year. 

Who will Participate? 

This is going to be the last tournament that will include 32 teams. As of 2026, this number will be increased to 48. As hosts of the event Qatar team is automatically qualified for the upcoming competition. When it comes to other teams they will have to go through a qualification process, and those who rank among the top 31 will participate in the World Cup. 

Potential Problems 

FIFA World Cup is a big event and a major financial opportunity for the host, so many of those who can profit from such competition is interested in hosting the tournament. As a result, when Qatar was awarded the opportunity the stories began to circulate how this is the result of bribes and corruption.  

Other reasons for suspicions are the size of the country and climate. Qatar is among the smallest countries to ever get elected as a host, and the climate conditions aren’t exactly ideal for the competition. It’s the reason why they moved it to November. 

Qatar is also under a lot of media fire for the way they treat workers and their views of the LGBT community. To clarify, homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. So far the only change they made is allowing for alcohol to be consumed during the games, but as far as LGBT rights go, it’s still uncertain whether they will be able to attend the event. 

Given all of these problems, this was not the best choice for the tournament, and it is why FIFA has been accused of selling them the right to be a host. 


Even with all of the allegations and critiques from the media, the competition itself is still likely to be exciting and draw as much attention as it did years before. It’s in Qatar’s interest to be a good host for the event, and there’s a lot of time for new regulations to be added which could improve the situation. A lot of this stems from politics, and it’s better not to mix those subjects into the sport. So as far as matches are concerned for all we know we will be getting another amazing cup.