Gary Megson seems to be thinking hard about how to become more popular with Bolton fans and his latest ploy is to openly praise former Trotter Kevin Nolan and attempt to bring him back to The Reebok Stadium. Megson is quoted as saying;

“I didn’t particularly want him to go in the first place.

We asked somebody to find out if Newcastle would be interested in loaning Kevin back. We haven’t had a response. We heard Newcastle needed to move one or two players about because they went down.”

So, no news as yet but would the reintroduction of Kevin Nolan be a good thing for Bolton? Probably not.

Sure Nolan was a great Wanderer — scoring 50 goals in his 343 appearances for the club and assisting countless times. However, as Megson pointed out in the same interview, Nolan’s form began to dwindle and he has not found too much success at Newcastle.

Would this move make Megson more popular with Bolton supporters? Probably not. In fact, definitely not.

Megson getting Nolan back a The Reebok would be seen as vain attempt to appease the crowd. In fact, Megson has cleverly used talk about Nolan as a smokescreen to hide his new striker scam.

I doubt that I’ll be reusing the headline, ‘Nolan Signs Until 2011‘. Unless, of course, 2011 refers to the time that Megson owns up that his comments about Nolan were indeed a distraction tactic.

How would you feel if Kevin Nolan became a Wanderer again? Your views are welcomed via the comments below.

Megson Admits Difficulty Due to Lack of Funds

It has been reported that Megson is on the lookout for a new striker and have all known for a long time that finances are tight at Bolton Wanderers, but it is fairly rare that Megson speaks up about the downside of being The BWFC’s manager.

“It is difficult and I accept the problems that the powers that be have here in terms of finance.

“I said the other day ‘whether we can afford to do it remains to be seen’ but it might be a case of whether we can afford not to do it. That’s the big question.

“We are in the Premier League and we have two forward lads — and one of them has been plying his trade on the right wing for years, which is Davo.

“Johan didn’t get enough goals last year and has got to start chipping in with more, and after that, we have only got youngsters. We need another forward at this club if we can afford to do it.“

No matter who manages Bolton there will be the ongoing problem with money. Unfortunately, money seems to rule the game of professional football and if you feel that Bolton in general and this summer’s signings are somewhat lacklustre then money, or the lack of it, is a huge contributing factor.

Do you remember Kevin Nolan’s plea for funds on the BBC?

“The lads are all very disappointed we’ve not been able to add to the squad. That’s not down to the gaffer, it’s down to the people above him not giving him the resources to do it.”

Was Nolan’s Plea Scripted?

Nolan was right then and that what he said still remains relevant and will continue to do so.

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