Betting on football can be exciting but also painful for those who don’t have the right strategies or don’t stick to them. This article brings you a few tips to improve your winnings that come from football bets. Our recommendation is to make your bets online because it’s easier and you get all sorts of bonuses like the ones you’ll find at

Money management

First of all, set an amount of money you will use for betting and stick to your budget. This sum should be equal to what you’re willing to lose, be it £100, £500 or £1000. In our experience, £500 is a decent start. Never chase your losses. We recommend using flat stakes, meaning that you bet the same amount on each game. The flat stake should not be higher than 5% of your bankroll. You can come back to this sum after about 20 bets and adjust it accordingly.

Play it safe

New bettors are easily carried away by the illusion of making lots of money fast, which is why they usually accomplish the exact opposite. Don’t be tempted to bet on multiple games on a single ticket. Always bet on singles, preferably on odds between 1.75 and 2.25. Accumulators are very attractive but the risk is quite high and here’s why: if you’re right on 3 of 5 singles, you’ll still win something whereas the same result on an accumulator brings only losses.

Shop around

It’s common practice for people to open up accounts at multiple online bookies, and it’s in fact recommended because each one has a welcome bonus offer and free bets for loyal players. Besides, you get to compare odds and choose the best ones for a particular game. 3 accounts are enough for beginners with a low bankroll. You don’t want to scatter your money all over the internet. Keep it focused. Either way, it’s quite difficult to find more than 3-5 great online bookies.

Stay involved

It’s a mistake to not follow the teams closely. You have to watch general football news as well, because that’s where you find information about possible transfers or problems within a certain team. This can help you improve your predictions and not being aware of the news will definitely harm it.

Moreover, it’s recommended to actually watch the games and then review the stats. Most often, an online bookmaker live streams the match, so don’t worry about it not being broadcast on TV. This is especially important for in-play bets.

Another thing you have to keep an eye on is the market itself especially if you bet on live events. Study how odds fluctuate and try to make predictions. This puts you ahead of many people who don’t have a clear perspective of what’s actually happening, thus betting on a hunch as opposed to solid data.

Explore value betting

This is a time-consuming task and requires some insight on the behalf of the bettor. What is value betting? You are basically looking for odds that the bookmaker undervalued. Let’s say the bookie thinks a team has a 4/1 chance of winning a match. You have to calculate the percentage by dividing 4 to 1, adding 1 and then dividing by 100. In the above example, the winning chance is 20%.

Value betting is when you make your own assessment and come up with a higher percentage. This is quite complicated and you need a good understanding of match stats as well as betting odds. In the end, value betting is for those looking for high-profit rates as opposed to steady slow winnings.

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